School Holidays


School Holidays

Please click on the attachment below which shows the academic year calendar and the school holidays.

Taking holiday from school during term time

It is important to talk to the Head teacher or class teacher before a decision to take leave is made and complete and submit an application form at least 6 weeks beforehand.

  • Leave of absence is not an entitlement and must be applied for in each case. Head teachers can only authorise term time leave in special circumstances.
  • Head teachers may grant leave of absence for more than 2 weeks, but only in exceptional circumstances.
  • Head teachers will only grant leave of absence if the pupil’s education is unlikely to suffer.
  • Parents may be breaking the law if their children take leave without permission.
  • In some cases schools may take children who are absent without permission off roll.

For term and holiday dates for 15/16, please visit

Taking time off school for religious reasons

Talk to school the head teacher or class teacher when you join a school community about your family’s beliefs and their potential impact on your child’s school attendance.

  • Give as much notice as possible of any likely absence and the reasons for it.
  • If your child has to be involved in religious ceremonies attached to a family wedding, funeral or other occasion, let the school know as early as possible when this will be and what is expected of the child.
  • Discuss with school staff whether there is any school work that your child could do during the time they will be absent so they do not fall too far behind.